So this Christmas was a much smaller affair with an emphasis being on food, rather than gifts. The following day we found a change of scenery was on the cards so we took a trip down to visit my extended family in Sydney for Boxing day which  turned out to be the best gift of all!

The weather man reported a string of sweltering days which were delivered on queue but thank GOD for their swimming pool which I think we’ve been more in, than out. I’ve enjoyed hours of great adult conversations and laughs, being amused and entertained by two incredibly gorgeous “kids” while being spoilt with a never ending supply of amazing cuisine! The ONLY upset happened during a shopping trip where upon a quick stop off for our cappachino’s I managed to lose my “specs”…not realising until we were already in another town. A frantic phone call went out to the service station that sold us our coffees, but I was greeted with sudden hostility and sheer rudeness…not a good sign!

Retracing my steps back to the “scene of the crime”, I was absolutely disheartened but even more convinced the whole event was suspicious as my glasses had not turned up…they had simply vanished. So for the rest of the day I fought back tears of frustration while arranging another journey homeward…

All in all one day fell by the wayside in the process of chasing up a new set of spectacles then driving back to be with our loved-ones but even with this mishap, the good times definitely outweighed the bad and though the glasses had been lost, the kindness and love of family and friends had truly been found.