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Short Story-written 2007

Image courtesy http://goodlifezen.com/how-catastrophe-can-open-a-door-to-a-new-life-2/

Image courtesy:goodlifezen.com/how-catastrophe-can-open-a-door-to-a-new-life-2/

She slammed the old timber door behind her and scurried for the cab!
This was it. The moment she had feared had long last arrived and for eleven shaky years, she had succeeded in avoiding.
‘COME ON’! her voice screamed to her, with clammy hands slipping as she tried to open the cab door. She still had just one remaining tissue which she quickly tore out of her coat pocket and placed on the handle. Clutching her remaining belongings she jumped inside. ‘Don’t you dare look back’! that same voice whispered but now, it had a forceful tone of determination.

Swollen red eyes hidden behind a pair of shades were not enough to mask her emotions from the driver. With a polite and gentle manner, he asked, “where to”?
He didn’t need to know any more than that. He could see the look of urgency so followed instructions for short cuts which would deliver her to safety, this new destination that would now be her shelter from the storm.
Her mind had almost lost track of what was going on around her but the further on they drove, the more scared she became.
For the first time in her life, Tanya was truly alone. No family to turn to for help, they had given up on her years before leaving her to accept the life she had chosen.

There was never a time they understood her reasons, how could they? Tanya’s husband was abusive and so in time, she found herself trapped by his threats and her own fear. A fear so real that she sacrificed anything and anyone to survive in that house.
There were no friends, no outings, no calls. Her only outside communication consisted of his world and his friends, it was a world she just didn’t fit into but had to deal with if she were to be spared his mighty wrath!

The tears shed had left a burning sensation in her eyes, she fought to keep them at bay. Yet even now In her heart, she still loved the man she’d married but had begun grieving for the man she had lost. As the cab turned another corner, it took her further away from him but each thought had her wrestling with her own sanity! She conjured up all kinds of vivid scenarios of how he might be reacting to her sudden act of bravery. There was only one certainty and that was he would endeavour to find her, she belonged to him, and him only!

The cab driver avoided making eye contact through the rear vision mirror but felt compelled to speak. “Look, I know this is none of my business, but for whatever reasons you are heading to the shelter, I’d say you’re making a positive step forward!”
Still too afraid to look at her, he hoped his words helped.
As they drove up to the front door, Tanya took a deep breath and paused.
“You know something? You’re absolutely right! And you helped by bringing me here, God Bless you”-


Image courtesy: kingdomjournal.tumblr.com/post/23072625715/when-one-door-closes-another-opens-but-often-we

With an air of newfound confidence, Tanya walked straight and tall and as she opened the door to enter the safehouse, she knew it was her first step to a new beginning.

When one door closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us”
-Helen Keller