Buy or Bye Bye Australia

The following piece taken from Facebook.
It was written by myself and a friend, both of us very patriotic and both highly concerned about the future of Australia.
By Vicki Thornton

I recently purchased a bottle of tomato juice and learned it only had 20% Australian ingredients!! Where are the imported ingredients from?! I contacted the company that makes the juice only to discover to my horror it is owned by a multinational company!!! That makes a whole lot of other products!! Also to my horror other companies are also owned by foreign interests!! This is something has really made me angry! Did you know that Golden Circle are owned by Heinz & Kraft? Berri juices are owned by Lion/Nathan who again are a foreign owned company who make a wide variety of product lines. The only person who seems to be interested in this serious issue is Dick Smith!! Go to his Facebook page and see the comments. Sorry for the rant, but I consider our farmers who then cannot compete with the imported products and therefore throw their produce back into the ground!!! Please support this very important issue!!

We have the finest produce anywhere in the world, but sadly it seems that somehow its not recognised. At least Bega now own Vegemite!!

Thanking you in advance!

2 thoughts on “Buy or Bye Bye Australia”

  1. thank you!! Debbie for your support for Aussie companies and products. I really hope that other people support are going to respond! We feel strongly about giving our children a future because one day there won’t be Aussie anything!! Come On everyone!!

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  2. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts…let’s hope our little ripple has a tidal of an effect!


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