Her Waters Her Home


 I had listened to the wind as it howled across the oceans
A brilliant sun making a brilliant day
This beach unlike those that waters flowed into
Her sand rich with the vast rainbow of pebbles beneath
Each stone cast out unique shapes and sizes
Like our fingerprints no two the same
Her cool waters teasing our every attempt to gain access
A strange chill considering the warmth of day
A handful had already taken the dare to join her
All the while treading waters
Her attitude so temperamental!
Cautiously we ventured in to join the fun
The ocean floors sinking under our feet
But she found great amusement trifling with our bodies
This was indeed her best performance
Displaying her diversity as her audience of spectators watched on
Always throwing one more element of surprise
Her vast body of waters her home
Always inviting us back for more!

By Debbie Stevens © 2007


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