You Me and Waterloo Bridge


A ballerina stood upon the Thames
A pea soup mist clouded the view
All she holds is her lucky charm
And memories of a man she once knew

It was here they met so long ago
Amidst a war and wailing sirens
Between the noise they fell in love
And for a brief time their was silence

But the battle fields were calling him
One last kiss as he boarded the train
Back on the stage she danced her sorrow
Her ‘Adagio’ filled with pain

Time marched by and so too her life
A new future lay ahead
But fate interrupted as she read the words
“Soldier now feared dead”
She fights back tears to push a smile
He’d have wanted it just like this
Head held high she crosses the bridge
And just for a moment, she feels his soft kiss.

©Debbie Stevens

♥Dedicated to Nanna

2 thoughts on “You Me and Waterloo Bridge”

  1. Is this a newer poem? Can’t recall ever having read it before. Very nicely done and very sad.


  2. Yes, wrote after a recent viewing of the film,”Waterloo Brudge”… something I’d been meaning to do for awhile 🙂 So glad you liked!


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