Dear Murphy

Dear Murphy is another writing prompt thanks to –Fear of Writing


My darling Murphy,


For the longest time I had only known one real love, the love I shared with sweet Paul. And as you know from all that I shared with you since losing him I thought I’d never find that kind of love again. It’s hard to imagine being intimate with another person after having lived your life so completely with just the one man. Fate is a funny thing, it will either work in your favour or against, but in my case it was ever so thoughtful when it brought you my way! The last nine months have been amazing and I owe most of my thanks to you Murphy for you took a risk coming into my life but you never waivered, even under the pressure of being seen as just a ‘gold digger’! Yes, those morons down at the club would have found any reason to say you weren’t in love-but we both knew the almighty dollar had nothing to do with it!

That first night we danced at the Manabar Lounge I thought you were actually waiting for someone else so when you returned to my table bearing 2 glasses and a bottle of white wine, I wasn’t at all sure of your intentions. After all, Murph, at the ripe old age of 56 and recently widowed, my coat of armour had been well polished before I’d stepped out that night! I can still hear sweet Vivien as she squeezed the last drop of hair colour over my last visible grey strand…..’Oh Olive, you haven’t been out in a social gathering for quite sometime you know and so much has changed!’ She meant well you know, such a worry wart! But you even managed to win her over which most folk would say is an accomplishment considering Viv can be such a prude and very stern. Oh Murphy, you are more than likely now asking yourself why this letter??

I had tried to find the right moment to discuss face to face, but you know how life is? It seems there is never enough time or we are just too caught up in other matters. God knows you have enough to deal with each day at work -Watching you I have admired the amount of commitment and dedication which you apply and also the inspiration you’ve sparked in so many other eager young staff members. I think they’d be lost without your guidance!

I now worry you might find this letter silly or see it as an attack against you when all I hoped was to offer you an honest explanation of why I can’t see you any longer. Take a deep breath, here I go.

We have so much in common, right down to which way the toilet roll should be placed and yet one aspect of your life leaves us worlds apart.

That first night we called into your lovely home for a quick coffee was for me, like walking into a public zoo! My initial reaction was shock as I found myself confronted by a screeching cockatoo, which had backed me into a corner while you were busily distracted gathering up the rest of your so called family members-
I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream, but then feeling a cold object winding its way up and around my leg; well what did you expect me to say?? Your pet carpet snake may well be harmless but Murphy; it is still what it is! You could have at least pre-warned me? The size of that creature scared the living crap out of me! If that wasn’t bad enough, it seemed to me this didn’t bother you in the slightest? Yes, we have had this discussion before, and yes, I am fully aware of your love for these creatures but we can’t seem to even reach a compromise??
H onestly Muph, the idea of a romantic dinner for us has been far from what I had hoped-Never have I had to share a dining table with a talking magpie, and one that is free to roam the table collecting scraps from plates!? That bird actually fought me for my last green bean, hurling obscenities as he did so! Oh and let’s not forget the lovely bottle of chardonnay which both you and your cockatoo sipped on! Yes, an amazing trick indeed but had I known this bird had such fine taste would have saved my money! I was never able to relax, and I appreciate all your attempts right down to the bath.Oh the bath!! What man keeps a turtle in his bathroom? You should have told me Slomo had a thing for bubbles! Honestly my love I don’t know which was worse, Frado the ferret with his weird nasty attitude towards women sleeping in your bed, or the smelly gases which dear old Buster kept letting go! Hmm.. a muzzle for Frado and perhaps a cork for Buster?? Sure, he’s an old dog and you’ve changed his diet many times to alleviate this problem but don’t you think he should be toilet trained by now?? A box of kitty litter is fine but so many around your home? I know I know….can already hear your response to that, He has a weak bladder and you are trying to make it easier on him.

Well my love, I am hoping to make this easier for the both of us-

I don’t expect you to be happy with my reaction but would sincerely hope you understand my feelings. I just don’t enjoy being that close to nature, so sorry, and
I honestly could never ask you to give up on any of these animals, they adore you and love you, just as much as you do them. You have such a beautiful soul to be able to give so much and they need and rely upon you. I cannot ask you to choose, that would be a cruel and selfish request so I choose to leave while we are still friends. (Are we?)

I envy the lady who shares the same passion as you and who wins your heart while she’s at it! You deserve no less.
So here we are…I guess my biggest concern now is your response to which I hope to get real soon. Just know this, this past year has been nothing short of a blessing since you came along…personally speaking Id like to think what we have can only build for a stronger friendship. Should you disagree and wish to move on I WILL understand and though it will be a loss, continue to wish you well dear man.
Thanks for all the lovely memories and know I will cherish each one.

Yours faithfully,

Olive Rinehart xx


Yours faithfully,

Olive Rinehart xx

©Debbie Stevens

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