A Reality Tour-Legacy of David Bowie

It is what it is
And it has to keep on moving
Go with it, just let yourself go!
The “high” delivered through his music…and I was hooked!
He held my heart in his hands, he held me in his trance
Tears of joy and exuberance…some hysteria.
Spellbound and completely mystified and so in love…

Thank you David
…….for the night of my life.

“Got your mother in a whirl
not sure if you’re a boy or a girl
hey babe, your hair’s alright
hey babe, let’s stay out tonight
Rebel Rebel”
The Legacy of David Bowie

A lifetime of love and admiration
All led to this moment of anticipation
Be still my heart and open the door!

The bustling noise caught me by surprise
A swell that grew from the streets outside
The scurry of feet and minds that raced
Each of us anxious for that common embrace

I needed a moment to step back and observe
So much excitement from this pumped-up herd!
My eyes drank in the sights of the crowd
The bright and the colourful
The subdued to the loud!

Folk of all ages lost in the craze
The older would talk of days gone by
The classics, the memories…”the good old days”
Enter the new breed, the next generation
Devotees and newbies,a mixed congregation

As lights dimmed a strange lull surrounded
A beat began playing and my heart quickly pounded
One by one band members appeared
We rose to our feet as the crowd roared and cheered

And there in the spotlight stood a familiar frame
blasting chords from his harmonica, we all knew his name!
He swayed to a rhythm amidst screams of delight
I was lost in a trance, of those swirling pink lights

The concert a journey through each phase and chapter
Every song he performed left us all enraptured
Days to Sunday, Fame.. Life On Mars
Rebel Rebel and Heroes to a New Killer Star

Our space-boy our ziggy, our hero, Aladdin Sane
His lyrics still echo from that last night on stage
News of his passing shook us all to the core
The world lost some sparkle, our Starman, no more

But let’s unite on a promise,
May his death not be in vain
Share the sole love of his music
Don’t let those memories fade!


david bowie 2004

Reality Tour Sydney, Australia 2004