One Word

Like the rest of the world, Australians have been victims to the COVID19 outbreak and though some of our States have begun to ease their restrictions, life as we knew it, shall never be the same.

This one word has changed us all, and now its a matter of adapting to the changes. Though not a great deal changed for me during “lockdown”, working went on as usual as my job was still secure-but with my work, came risks.

My job has me calling on many different Supermarkets & Hardware stores, and during “lockdown” there were many “hotspots” identified, INCLUDING areas where I would be working. Our company gave us the option to stay home, but with the way our economy was shaping up, decided it was in my interest to keep going! At first it wasnt too bad, most doing the right thing by adhering to the COVID- RULES…masks, gloves, hand sanitizing and social distancing….the new normal! Then we had those moments of madness where our shop’s shelves were literally stripped bare by desperate shoppers! Who would’ve thought a packet of toilet paper would become such a sought after product?!

So as things around Australia might appear to be returning to normal, I wonder for “how long”? As I write some suburbs in the state of Victoria have been forced back into “lockdown” as new COVID cases began to show their ugly head…this spike is of real concern, it proves we are nowhere near out of danger and should continue to act accordingly!! Sadly, there are STILL those who wish to play the ‘conspiracy’ニ card, then rallying protesters to join their campaign… then we have the “ostrich” mob….they bury their heads in the sand whilst preaching their pure ignorance about the actual “existence” of the disease. Its because of these like-minded individual’s ideas that we will most likely remain in a “stale-mate”. For myself, my family and my friends, we do what we can to remain safe…..this also applies to those we come into contact with, as EVERY life matters! The virus IS real, and no one is immune….stay informed and stay safe!



States on Fire


As NSW braces itself for today’s catastrophic bushfire warning, I wanted to quickly pop this video up.
There are regular “updates” courtesy of the RFS website, including crucial links/information ie:  Plan & Prepare, Fires Near Me, Resources and other useful notes.

Many schools & Tafe campuses are also closed, see the list here: