The Dark Cloud

black cloud

So young for her age, not like the others
Thin, no shape at all
Always the ‘ugly duckling’
What did she have to offer?
This girl was already lost
Schooling had ended before time
No graduations
No celebrations
Her small status bundled into the big world
What now?
A mother forced to let go
Time to stand on her own feet
Time to fit in somehow
Who would like her?
Who could she trust?
Acquaintances confused as friends
Too soon trouble loomed
As danger approached she simply followed
The company had little concern
To them she meant nothing
The scene was suspicious
There were no warnings
Cornered and frightened
Nowhere to run
No one to save her
A dark and dirty room
Filled with a circle of faces
Surrounded by fear she pleaded
Begging for mercy
Begging for freedom
Mocked and taunted
Stripped of her clothes
Stripped of her soul
No way out
The girl then left her own body
As she watched herself she cried
Oh God why me
Please let it be over
A voice shouted in anger
It was the girl but she was quickly silenced
Hours passed before the dark cloud lifted
A stranger’s hand was there to help
She had found an escape
Wearing next to nothing
Running for her life, running home
Justice never came
Her word against theirs
Threats to stay silent
She kept quiet

For the rest of her life

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